6 Months of Inter Partes Review – By the Numbers

Screen shot IPR Report
Welcome to the inaugural issue of Harness Dickey’s Report on Litigation Practice Before the United States Patent Office.  Our periodic Report provides insight on some of the over 100 characteristics of Inter Partes Review and Post Grant Review proceedings that we track to identify trends and strategies for our clients.

Are you facing threatened, pending, or anticipated patent litigation?  Walk into the strategy meeting armed with hard facts regarding this new procedure that will change the face of patent litigation.  For example, did you know that 96% of petitions seeking inter partes review were granted in the first 6 months of the procedure?  Further, 92% of the challenged claims from such petitions were included in the trial.  How about the fact that federal district courts are staying litigation in view of IPR filings at a 61% clip.

These are just some of the over 100 categories of inter partes review and post grant review practice that we are tracking and have included in our first issue of our Report.  A copy of the Report can be found by clicking HERE.  Please contact us at IPR-PGR@hdp.com if you would like a hard copy of the Report or would like more information about litigation before the USPTO.