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Aug 24

Moneyball for IPRs

Welcome to the 14th Volume of our quarterly IPR-PGR Report.

May 11

PTAB Designates Five Decisions as Precedential

To date, the PTAB has been stingy in its designation of panel decisions as “precedential.” Indeed, before today, only 3 decisions in the AIA era had been designated as precedential. That number increased dramatically on May 10, 2016, as the PTAB designated five additional, and well-known decisions as precedential. The decisions, with the PTAB’s description …

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Apr 04

PTO Issues Final Rule Changes to IPR Proceedings

The PTO issued its long-anticipated rule changes for IPR and PGR proceedings. These rules follow up on immediate changes to the rules that were implemented about a year ago. Generally considered pro-Patent Owner changes to the rule, the new rules mark another phase in the evolution of IPR proceedings that have profoundly impacted the world …

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Feb 11

39 Months of Inter Partes Review – By the Numbers

Welcome to the 12th volume of our IPR-PGR Report, reporting on the statistics that underlie Inter Partes Review and Post Grant Review proceedings. This quarter marked the second in a row in which the number of IPR filings per week decreased, signaling a potential slow down in the popularity of IPRs. At the same time, …

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Nov 24

3 Years of Inter Partes Review – By The Numbers

Welcome to the quarterly Harness Dickey Report on Inter Partes Review. You can learn more about some of these statistics in an article published on IP Law360, found HERE.

Aug 19

USPTO Announces Second Set of IPR Changes

Today, USPTO Director, Michelle Lee, explained the anticipated, second set of proposed changes to be made to IPR proceedings as inter partes review approaches its 3rd birthday. The first set of changes was discussed HERE. We set forth below a brief summary of the changes that have arrived. The proposed rule package will now be …

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Aug 04

33 Months of IPR…By the Numbers

Our apologies for our slightly delayed public dissemination of our Quarterly IPR Report. Please click HERE for the report or email us for a hard copy. It’s hard to believe IPR has grown up so quickly. We look forward to celebrating its 3-year-old birthday next month. Let us know if you have any questions or …

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May 19

PTAB Finalizes “Quick Fix” Changes to IPR/PGR Procedure

The PTAB issued its revised IPR Rules today, finalizing the “quick fix” changes it forecasted in late-March. There are numerous changes that have been made to IPR practice, many of them ministerial in nature. We focus here on the four most significant changes contained in this rule set: 1. Changes to Page Limits in Patent Owner’s …

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Apr 20

30 Months of IPR Practice – By the Numbers

Welcome to Volume 9 of our IPR-PGR Report. Please send us an email if you would like a hard copy. After 30 months of IPR practice, some trends are taking shape. Overall, the percentage of petitions put into trial has gradually decreased, down to 76% this quarter, from a high of 96% at the early …

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Apr 08

Pharmaceutical Filings on the Upswing as Power of IPR Becomes More Well-Known

The Wall Street Journal has taken note of recent IPR filings by hedge fund manager Kyle Bass against certain pharmaceutical patent portfolios. Our Matt Cutler was quoted in one of the articles. The other can be found HERE. Mr. Bass seems to be an early pioneer in realizing the power of inter partes review, and has opened the …

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