Key Decisions

Supreme Court:

Supreme Court Decisions

Federal Circuit:

Federal Circuit Decisions


PTAB Precedential and Informative Decisions

Additional Discovery

IPR2012-00001; Paper 20

IPR2013-00080; Paper 18

IPR2013-00601; Paper 23

IPR2015-00635, Paper 10 (privity issue)

Motions to Amend

IPR2012-00027; Paper 26 (procedural and substantive requirements for meeting burden for filing motion to amend)

IPR2012-00005; Paper 27 (burden of identifying written descriptive support for proposed substitute claims)

IPR2013-00136, Paper 32 (burden of patentably distinguishing over prior art)

IPR2013-00423, Paper 27 (detailed recitation of requirements)

IPR2014-00441, Paper 19 (requirements)

IPR2015-00040, Paper 42 (requirements)

Taking of Deposition Using an Interpreter

IPR2012-00022; Paper 55 and Paper 67

Non-Electronic Filing of Video Files

IRP2013-00258; Paper 8


IPR2013-00004; Paper 15

Redundancy of Grounds

CBM2012-00003 (explaining vertical and horizontal redundancy and what is required to avoid denial of redundant grounds)

Demonstrative Exhibits

IPR2013-00033, Paper 118

IPR2013-00041, Paper 65

Pro Hac Vice Motions

IPR2013-00010, Paper 8

Motion to Terminate

CBM2013-00015, Paper 9

Motion to Seal

IPR2012-00001, Paper 34 and Paper 36

Motion for Observation

IPR2013-00033, Paper 101

Incorporation by Reference

IPR2014-00454, Paper 12

Service of a Complaint

IPR2014-00293, Paper 18

Request for Expanded Panel on Rehearing

IPR2014-00506, Paper 25


IPR2015-00549, Paper 10 (§ 315(e)(1))

CBM2014-00176, Paper 28 (§ 325(e)(1))

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