Moneyball for IPRs

We offer an Unmatched and Unique Statistical Advantage.

Harness Dickey clients benefit from the Firm’s expansive and ongoing statistical analysis of IPR decisions. We have analyzed the reasons why a Petition has not succeeded (either at the Decision to Institute or Final Written Decision stage). In this way, as a Petitioner, we can “pressure test” a draft Petition against this data to ensure the highest possible level of success. As a Patent Owner, we evaluate a Petition against this data to determine the best avenues for attacking the Petition, including the identification of key cases that support our argument. In an advanced analysis, we can learn by judge or by subject matter what are the most common mistakes made in Petitions. In short, Harness Dickey clients take advantage of enhanced metrics to give them the highest chance of success in Inter Partes review proceedings. Please contact us for more details. –