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Dec 17

IPR Motions for Joinder are Common, But Not Automatic

Recent statistics show that motions for joinder are granted about 60% of the time. While parties can, therefore, expect a sympathetic ear regarding these motions, they are not always successful and it is worth noting the shortcomings of one such motion from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC …

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Dec 03

Inter Partes Review – A Fair and Efficient Litigation Alternative

With special thanks to my co-author, Laura Sheridan of Google, the linked article takes a detailed look at the first two years of inter partes review practice before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and seeks to provide insights into some of the most critical areas of the proceedings. Like all change, the implementation of IPR has caused considerable …

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Oct 21

PTAB Shows a Willingness to Intervene in Deposition Disputes

Experienced district court litigators are reluctant to “call the judge” when a dispute arises during a deposition. Judges do not want to take the time to deal with mundane discovery disputes and parties do not want to get on the wrong side of the judge. The Office Patent Trial Practice Guide bucks this trend, explaining that …

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Oct 16

PTAB Offers Guidance Regarding Discovery in Inter Partes Reviews

Still confused about how much discovery you will be able to obtain in an IPR? Fear not, as two of the PTAB’s Administrative Patent Judges have weighed in with a primer on inter partes review discovery. The PTAB blog entry provides a nice overview of “routine” and “additional” discovery, including some insights into the reasons why …

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Oct 10

Patent Office Propaganda?

As you know, we take statistics pretty seriously here at IPR-PGR.com. After our most recent quarterly IPR Report indicated a claim survival rate of 27% (for claims actually put into an IPR trial), we were surprised to learn that the PTO is reporting a rate that is nearly double our calculated rate – 52%. After …

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Sep 16

Testing that Proved Inherent Properties of Prior Art Accepted by Board

Here is another update on the Corning assault on patents owned by DSM IP Assets (DSM) patents, this one styled as Corning Incorporated v. DSM IP Assets B.V. (IPR2013-00050), involving U.S. Pat. No. 6,323,255.  All 19 claims of the ‘255 patent were placed into the inter partes review trial, based on all five obviousness grounds …

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Jun 06

39 for 44: Previously Considered Art Survives Again in Grant of Two Inter Partes Review Trials

The Board furthered its early reputation of providing thorough decisions regarding the institution of inter partes review trials, by digging into dependent claims of the challenged patents and allowing certain claims to survive in two cases styled ABB, Inc. v. Roy-G-Biv Corporation (IPR2013-00062 and IPR2013-00074), involving US Patent Nos. 6,516,236 and 8,073,557. The Board granted trial on …

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May 15

35 for 37: Partial Victory for Patent Owner As Board Puts Some, But Not All, Claims into IPR Trial

In recent decisions, the Board has had a soft spot for Patent Owners.  Shortly after denying only the second petition for inter partes review, as previously discussed, only 29 of 40 challenged claims were put into an inter partes review trial in the case styled MicroStrategy, Inc. v. Zillow, Inc. (IPR2013-00034), involving US Pat. No. 7,970,674. The ‘674 patent …

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May 13

33 and 34 for 35: Two Inter Partes Review Trials Instituted Where Patent Waived Preliminary Response

Kyocera is a believer in the new inter partes review proceedings, having filed three IPR petitions.  Its first two attempts have been met with initial success as it obtained favorable decisions (HERE and HERE) from the PTAB in instituting inter partes review trials against two Softview LLC patents. The cases are styled Kyocera Corporation v. Softview LLC (IPR2013-00004 and IPR2013-00007), involving …

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Apr 26

30 for 31: Prior Art from Original Prosecution Used as a Basis for Institution of Inter Partes Review

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board continued to give little or no deference to previous decisions by the Patent Office in granting an inter partes review trial in response to a petition filed by Chimei Innolux in a case styled as Chimei Innolux Corp. v. Semiconductor Energy Lab. Co., Ltd. (IPR2013-00038), involving US Pat. No. …

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